To Match your ‘Moment & Mindset’

More than just coffee..

Botanical Coffees



◊ with Artichoke extract 

Sweet & fine coffee taste

Helps regulation of cholesterol level

 Supports slimming & detox benefits



 with Ginseng extract

‘Our Black Bull’ 

 For a mental & physical boost

 Soothe inflammation & reduce stress



Rosemary & Lemon balm extract

Fine & rich aromatic coffee taste

Full of antioxidants

Great benefits for digestion & skin

Balance coffee artichoke koffie artisjok botanical extracts soluble coffees

More than only coffee

In today’s world, it’s not just about coffee anymore.

We’re all looking for food and drinks that bring a little more to the table: something that enhances cognitive performance, gives us an energy boost or helps us relax or maybe even works as an anti-inflammatory.

Each blend is designed to give your health and mind a boost by enhancing a particular mood or mindset. Your daily cup of coffee will help you focus, stay balanced or just relax.

It can be served both hot and cold and is packed to enjoy your coffee easily on the go as you can at home.