Support Your Locals

Surprise a dear friend or just a nice gift to yourself and enjoy delicious Organic Tea, Coffee and fruitbars. Herewith you support your locals in this special Corona episode.

City Roast Beans

Canigó Coffee

Our beans are carefully selected and roasted with a specific profile. The CITY ROAST will make you feel drinking your coffee in the Mediterranean.

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Fresh Organic or Vegan Tea

Teastreet has an exquisite range of fresh tea. Delicate pure tea, surprising blends and colourful herb infusions. 

What’s in your cup?  

Now Only 25€

What’s in the Box

* 500gr Canigó City Roast Coffee Beans
* 50gr Teastreet Old School Earl Grey
* 50gr Teastreet Crispy Morning
* 2x Raw Bite Apple Cinnamon
* 2x Raw Bite Vanilla Berries

Per box €1,50

Buy & Donate

By buying a box you will be donating to the Food Bank of Amsterdam, or Velsen or Gooi en Omstreken.

Would you like to receive a different content of the box? Let us know and we we will adjust it for you.

Fruit Bars

No Gluten
No Dairy

Only the Best

Fresh Ingredients, Tasty Products