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Achterhoek Koffie; honest coffee and back to basic. Just how coffee is meant to be! Take a break and enjoy original coffee.

Or are you choosing Coffee Cojones? Coffee with balls, tough and for those who can appreciate strong coffee.
No Bullsh*t, just coffee!


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Easy coffee in a minute!

Enjoy a delicious instant cappuccino with a perfect creamy topping, latte machiato or let our instant regular coffee surprise you with its excellent taste. Thanks to the carefully composed blend, a perfect cup of coffee is guaranteed. Easy to bring along in your bag to work, school or your trip.
Order now and make your own ‘easy’ cup of coffee!

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Open cups verpakking

No Bullsh*t, Just Coffee!

Besides that you can enjoy delicious coffee, know that the cups are 100% biodegradable so you’ll contribute to a cleaner environment. Do you have a Nespresso® machine? No worries because the cups are suitable for your Nespresso® machine. 
And the best part is that you won’t be out of stock of cups if you sign up now for a subscription.
So no hassle but max Taste!


ese pods

Quilty Pleasure

After roasting, the coffee beans are immediately ground and packed in pads. Because of the “single serve” packaging, no oxygen is added so all the aromas and flavors are preserved. The best way to enjoy a rich espresso, lungo or cappuccino. Will you choose the Hot Shot, or go for your Daily Drug or is it your Quilty Pleasure you will enjoy!?

What is Canigó Coffee? 
Or who is Canigó Coffee?

The beating heart of Canigó Coffee, if you are talking about coffee, your are talking to Jan Geerts. But who is this guy?
In daily life Jan is often called “Jan the Coffee Man”. His approach is dedicated and personal. By listening, responding and coming up with solutions, Jan will create a customized concept. He has a good sense of which approach the coffee branch needs and won’t hesitate to react.

A result of working together with the best partners is the creation of a perfect blend but above all delicious coffee. Central in this process are the unique needs of our consumers.

Years of experience shows that we are able to deliver on a large scale but we are small enough to be agile and flexible. A position of which we are very proud.


Just like in the tea market, the idea to develop coffee with flavors arose while Jan was chilling in his backyard. This was quite new and unknown in the coffee market. And therefore we are proud to introduce our Smart Coffees. Developed by an innovative method, these beautiful and rich instant coffees have their own flavor due to added natural plant extracts such as ginseng, artichoke, olive or lemon/rosemary. Each flavor is designed with its own special physical and mental benefits to match your Mood & Mindset!

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